Black Tie Gala Tickets on Sale

Black Tie Gala tickets are officially on sale.  It is our second annual event put on by the Hospitality Management Association (HMA), and it will be a great, entertaining event for all that attend.  Please be aware that this is an invite only event: if you would like to attend, go to our reservations page at to be included on our invited guest list.

The Black Tie Gala webpage is located at:

We look forward to having you as our guest!

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Tuscany Deadline Approaching

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great first week back so far! Just a reminder the Tuscany trip deadline is fast approaching!!! JANUARY 31, 2012. The trip is MAY 18 THROUGH JUNE 3, 2012:   after the end of the spring semester and graduation, and early enough so the trip will not interfere with summer jobs.

There are NO PREREQUISITES for Culinary Traditions of Tuscany.

CFS 39900 Culinary Traditions of Tuscany is an acceptable substitute for your required Language of Choice for Business (ILCS F32600, G31500, S31500).  See your advisor to have the necessary paperwork completed.

For students who want to take the class for credit is $3,460 plus tuition.  This includes airfare, lodging, most meals, transportation while in Italy, all the planned activities and events, as well as travel insurance.  If you want to go but not take the class for credit you can go as a community traveler for $3,899.  This trip is open to others from the community who wish to take this class as well.

SCHOLARSHIPS are available.

FINANCIAL AID may be used if you take at least 3 other credits sometime during the Summer 2012 semester.

Either Dr. Martha Coussement or Professor Lolkus would be happy to visit with you and share more details.

Professor Lolkus

Linda Johnston Lolkus
Associate Professor Foods and Nutrition
Director of Nutrition
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
Neff Hall Room 330A
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499
FAX 260-481-6734

Christmas Family Help

Hello everyone,

I had received a message from our department secretary Sue Anderson that Dr. Niser had wanted to pass on to a few of us. Now we are asking for other people’s help.

The North East Hospitality Association has decided to help a family in need. Kayla Utter is responsible for coordinating this for NEHA with Susie Jordan from the Mustard Seed.

Below gives you more information about the family and their needs. I would like to invite you to give us some ideas on how we could raise some money for the family. You can email any one of the HMA board members, located under the about page,  and we will pass on all ideas.

 I had the pleasure today of getting to meet Mr. & Mrs. Campbell in their home.  Christi was having a “good day” woke up without a headache and was only experiencing a few minor side effects from her medications. I cannot express to you all, how deserving, appreciative and humble these parents are.  I often wonder sometimes in my life why I am where I am, and today I was lucky enough to see why.

Suzie Jordan from the Mustard Seed and I got to sit and chat with the Campbells for over and hour about their family and try to pry out of them what their needs are.  Family time is definitely at the top of their list, up until the past few months since Christi is no longer able to work, after church on Sunday’s they would go out to eat at Cebollas, Fazoli’s, Wendys or O’Charley’s because they had the 2 for 15 meals and kids ate free. O’Charley’s has since changed their age on the menu so now only their son, Drake, eats free and now they are unable to afford it.

When asked what the kids put on their Christmas lists, Christi expressed that the children’s lists were VERY small because they had explained to them that this year they would only be allotted a maximum of 25 per person for Christmas because they are worried about being able to heat the home for winter…. At this moment my heart dropped… I thought back to my Christmas’ as a child and knew had my parents said that to me, I would of been devastated…. Not the Campbell kids, they were happy to write down three things each, knowing prices and doing the math.  Christmas is not about gifts, but that is hard for children this age to understand. The grace and understanding of these children is more than I could hope for from my own one day.

Lindsey who is 13 is very much into jewelry from Icing, Claires, Glitter and other type places.

Allison is 11 and loves family game night. Maybe board games, puzzles and things of that nature would be good for her.

Drake is 8 and loves robots and building things. He has recently been expressing that he is VERY scared of the dark, they think it might be his way of releasing stress.  Drake thinks his imagination has his own mind and tries to scare him at night.  So maybe flashlights, or fun lamps would be good.  He’s been using a lamp from his sisters room at night but hides it when people come over because it’s “pink & girly.”

Christi explained that all the children LOVE building things with lego’s and all three requested them for Christmas this year. There are many different lego sets at Walmart ranging from 3-20 dollars that would be a great gift for the kids.

As far as clothes go, I think it would be best if we went that route to just get gift cards to Khols/JCpenny/Walmart and let Mr. & Mrs. Campbell shop for them.

It took some prying for us to be able to get information out of them for what THEY like to do… Prior to Christi’s illness they often went for dates to logans roadhouse, and they really enjoy going to book stores like Barnes and Noble together and getting some starbucks.

That being said, I’ll get into what I think should be made our priority for this family. I don’t think a canned food drive would be something of value.  I think perhaps having a jeans Friday where our staff’s donate to dress down, or an elf day where everyone wear’s red and green to help raise money for a bill that the Campbells may not be able to pay that month. They’re medical insurance does help, but with only one income of less than 275.00 a week, they are drowning in medical bills from Christi’s illness and are making minimum payments and being harassed by debt collectors and receiving shut off notices from utilities monthly.  Some companies could do that, while others could donate paper products because those are not covered by food stamps, i.e.: Paper towel, Toilet paper, Kleenex… Perhaps a company could take a Child, or a category.

I am open to ideas, I know this is a lot of information to process, and we are in hard times for everyone but I know if we all join together we can really bless this family. My words, and thoughts cannot convey how much I hope that we can make this an amazing holiday for the Campbells.


Dr. John Niser